Domestic Bliss

Just to bring you up-to-date it’s been about three months since I was laid off from my job. I’ve entered into some kind of I don’t how to explain domestic bliss. Not being driven each and every day by work duties or a boss. I have managed to schedule... read more

What to do when laid off

It has been almost two months since I was let go and I still have not figured out what to do when laid off.I have done all of the major things like my finances,updating my resume and looking for another job.That I have done in spades.Today is Wednesday and I have... read more

Being layoff could change the rest of your life

If you have read several of the last articles posted. There seems to be a lot of gloom and doom . I guess in some ways I’m starting to come out and pull through this. Realizing the fact that yes I was laid off. I don’t have a job. Doesn’t seem to be... read more

You were just laid off have you started getting angry yet?

As in my case when I found out that I was being laid off I was pissed. Since then I have had time to come down. It has been a little more than a month. Well exactly 34 days but who is counting. In this time I have calm down I’m not angry anymore, well maybe a... read more

To be laid off is the end coming soon?

Looking back I should have realized and seen the warning signs that I was about to be laid off. Now it is obvious and I should’ve known better all the signs are right in front of me I just did not want to see them. All of the main bosses at the company I used to... read more

You were just Laid off is your 401k your last resort?

I would think first and I would hope that you signed up on unemployment. I also hope you were able to draw your unemployment. Unless you were self-employed and you know you have a 401(k) account. If it is at all possible. I would not draw out any money from my 401K.... read more

Being laid off enjoy your free time

It has been a little more than a month since I have been laid off. The chances of me finding a job are becoming slim to none. I have one or two choices. One continue looking for job in the same field that I was in. To switch to a different line of work or falling back... read more

Your 401k And being laid off from work

So you just got laid off from work and your brain is running 100 miles an hour. The first thing that comes to your mind is “money “. You don’t have a regular paycheck anymore, and then you think of your 401(k) from your previous employer.It may be a... read more

Laid off or layed off?

Laid off or layed off it really doesn’t matter how you say, it spell it, being laid off or laid off means you don’t have a job. being laid off I guess you could say that in the near future you’re going to be laid off without a job . The term laid-off... read more

I just got laid off what next

It’s true I just got laid off.The  smack in the face, see you later and  here’s your pink slip –get out. So what next ! What’s the plan ,what am I going to do .Well it’s now been about three weeks I‘ve been off and I have enjoyed the free time  . In the... read more